The phDSC_4012-001smalloto at left shows the progress we’ve made on the addition to our home in Hidden Valley.  The original 500 sq. ft. cabin will gain much needed square footage and we’ll finally have space to have family and friends over in comfort.  We made use of a 40 ft. lift we’d rented for some work on the roof to take this aerial view with the    Bettas Ridge in the background.  I love where we live!

We have some indoor and outdoor projects going on at the Grange as well this year.  Many thanks to Dennis Giannotti for putting in a drainage ditch at the north end of the property to help keep meltwater off the asphalt.  Also to Dennis and Gary Wargo for their work on the lawn at the Grange – fertilizing, mowing and keeping the lawn mower in good shape.  Thanks also to Bill Lloyd and Kurt Lucke for coming up daily to move the sprinklers so our grass stays beautiful and green throughout the summer.

Speaking of asphalt – Central Paving will be out on August 1 and 2 to repair and reseal the asphalt parking lot.  Many thanks to Kurt for getting bids and doing research so that we get the best job possible on the parking lot.  Indoors, a group of energetic women have painted the walls in the basement and installed draperies to mask the shelving wall to make it a more welcoming environment for wedding rentals.  Thanks go to Gerry Lloyd, Patti Gylling and Claire Lucke for work on this project.  We did get some help from our hubbies as well in moving heavy cabinets and taking junk to the dump!  In June members voted on a lighting system for the stage area.  The materials have arrived and will be installed this fall so that our stage has much improved lighting for our events, such as the Bazaar and the Bluegrass Concert or Chili Cook Off.   There is more work to do.  Several windows on the west side of the building need trim replaced due to rot, and we need to get to the root of the problem by checking the flashing done on those windows.  Touch up paint on a couple of doors and the exterior ramp also needs to be done.  If you would like to help with these projects, just call Kurt – 509-857-2580.

Thank you to everyone who helps keep our Grange Hall beautiful and inviting.  Your care shows, we get compliments whenever we show the hall or have people out for events.


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