Peter Zencak Completes Eagle Scout Project with Our Bell

Left: Eagle Scout Candidate Peter R. Zencak, right, his father, Peter Zencak Sr.

Eagle Scout Candidate Peter R. Zencak and his father, Peter Zencak senior pose by the project Peter recently completed after months of planning, gathering materials, enlisting expertise in stone masonry, and then hours of labor building the pedestal and mounting the bell. This is the bell from the 1904 era school building that had been home to the Swauk-Teanaway Grange until it was destroyed by fire in June, 2004, just prior to a celebration commemorating it’s 100th year. After the bell fell from the burning cupola, firemen retrieved it and Michael Carollo built the
steel stand for it. Peter is a member of Scout Troop 488 which meets at the hall, and he and his family are also members of our Grange. Great work, Peter!

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