DSC_2221-001We are so blessed to have our family all here in Washington State! Our son and his wife live in Shoreline and our daughter and her family, including our two grandsons Leo and Isaac, live just a half-hour away in Ellensburg. Being a “hands-on” grandma is amazing!   Our lives are so much richer with these loved ones close by.

We’ve been busy here at the Grange as well! The big project this quarter was to tear up the vinyl flooring and replace it with a sheet vinyl that is waterproof and does not require a high level of maintenance and upkeep to look good. Volunteers spent several days removing bathroom partitions, toilets, and kitchen appliances so that another group of volunteers could go in and remove the vinyl tiles. That was not an easy task! Thank you to all who came up to the hall to do this work, and thank you to the ladies who brought lunch both days. And a huge Thank You to the members of Fire District #7 who worked with us to strip that floor. We are so lucky to have these wonderful men and women in our community. District #7 trucks have the phrase “Neighbors helping neighbors” painted on them. That is so true!

Thank you to Dale Rusho for managing the installation of the new flooring and putting the kitchen back together. Thank you to everyone who worked on this – those who prepared the floor, those who removed the tile, those who put everything back together again! Many thanks to Sally Gililand and Barb Hamel for organizing a cleaning crew after the installation was complete. You made everything clean and shiny and ready to go for the wedding rental that weekend! Thanks go to member Dean Evans with Standard Paint for his work to make this installation absolutely perfect. The new floor looks great!

Another large project that was completed was the repair and repaving of part of our asphalt parking lot. The work was done by Granite Construction; they did the work at a savings since they were in the area paving the Teanaway Road. Thank you to Kurt for coordinating that work. Another project was hanging the projector screen that Jim and Patti Gylling had donated earlier this year. There’s still some work to do, but it will be nice to have a motorized screen ready for our events or rentals. The exterior doors of the Grange Hall have been painted gray to match the metal roof and to stand out from the white walls, as well as making them easier to keep clean. Thank you to Mary Hieb for that suggestion.

We have a few more projects in the works and we’ll report on those in the Autumn Newsletter!