President’s Paragraph, Autumn 2013

The last three months have been busy, both in my private life and the life of the Swauk-Teanaway Grange.  My son, Adam, and fiancée Claire Catania were married September 15 at the DAR Chapter House in Seattle.  It was an incredibly happy day as family and friends gathered to celebrate with them as they began their married life.  We have so many great        memories from that weekend.  We are thankful that both our children have found such loving partners.  Life doesn’t get any better!

My son Adam and I the day before his wedding on Sept 15, 2013

My son Adam and I the day before his wedding on Sept 15, 2013

I am also thankful for the role our Grange is playing in the community.  It’s exciting to have events such as the Teanaway Community Forest Celebration held at our hall.  It was just a few years ago that open meetings were held here regarding the proposed development of 50,000 acres of Teanaway forest land by American Forest Land Company owner John Rudey.  It’s hard to believe that just four years later this land is protected from development.   The Washington State Department of Natural Resources will manage this acreage in    collaboration with the Washington Departmentt of Fish and Wildlife.  DNR and WDFW are establishing a community advisory committee to help guide development of a management plan for the forest.  Interested persons can receive updates about the plan and information about ways to get involved by subscribing to the Teanaway Community Forest e-newsletter at:

Acquisition of the property is a key step in implementing the Yakima Basin Integrated Plan, an initiative developed by a coalition of public and private organizations to safeguard the basin’s water supply, restore fisheries, conserve habitat, preserve working lands, and enhance recreational opportunities.  In chatting with Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of  Public Lands, I was congratulated on keeping our Grange alive and a vital part of our community.  That congratulations should be shared with each one of you who makes possible all that we do in this special place.







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